(2009-2010)  – Bios

Based on the novel of Albert Camus “The Fall”


The story of Jean Baptiste Clamance and the perplex sides of his personality are narrated and performed by three actors. Two women and a man act as Clamance but also perform all the different persons of his life. The subconscious of the main hero leads the story which develops through the scenes of his life and personal moments of confession.


Director / Writer:Michalis Konstantatos


Konstantinos Abarikiotis,

Yota Argyropoulou,

Maria Panourgia

Designer:Margarita Xatzioannou

Casting directors:Alex Kelly, Christina Akzoti (Athens Casting)

Musician:Yorgis Sakellariou

Lighter: Yannis Fotou

Video artists:Michalis Konstantatos, Minas N. Miliaras

November 2009 – January 2010

@ bios, peiraios 84, Athens

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