(2011) – Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

photo 1 - PARKLIFE

TEXT: Stelios Lykouresis
DIRECTOR – CONCEPT: Michalis Konstantatos
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Iphigenia Vassiliou
ACTORS: Yota Argyropoulou,
Thanasis Dovris
STAGE – COSTUME DESIGN: Giorgos Karagiorgos
MUSIC: Giorgis Sakellariou
LIGHTS: Yannis Fotou
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Panos Agelopoulos
PRODUCTION TEAM: Konstantinos Aivaliotis,
Giorgos Theocharidis,
Alexis Katsaros
PHOTOS: Tasos Vrettos
CASTING: Athens Casting

an original text of Stelios Lykouresis
in direction of Michalis Konstantatos

At its second performance the blind spot team presents a fresh theatrical play, which in all the simplicity and the structure of cinematic language, approaches social issues and personal relationships of our modern era. The performance, absolutely contemporary, sets for discussion the financial crisis’ and unemployment’s issues and how these circumstances affect the relationship between two young adults.

A young ad woman wakes up in a car, next to a stranger. In a while, having his help, she recalls faces, situations, his identity as well as the way they ended up together in that dark park place.

However, are all these he says to her true?
Is there something in her mind buried from another reality?
Is this man a colleague of hers indeed, who helped her at a difficult moment or is he someone else?
And finally their relationship emerges through a sequence of occasional incidents or is it a mutual choice of two persons pressed by the routine?

Through the verbal conflict at the front seat of a car, two characters travel to the limits of their roles as professionals as well as humans.

Will they come out saved or not in the end?

In this performance where theatric language encounters the cinematic one, the power of live action is being environed with images and sounds, where through the novelty of the directional concept as well as the text’s originality, the play’s world is being introduced to the audience with an entirely unexpected way.

The performance PARKLIFE uses Specially Configured Underground Level of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation as a parking lot. In this particular space, a car becomes the main set prop for the performance and functions like an independent mobile theatrical stage that turns spectators into witnesses or even voyeurs of a constantly subverting situation.

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