hedda gabler

“Hedda Gabler” by Henrik Ibsen
22-30 December 2014 and 1-4 January 2015
Upper Stage, Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens

“At last, an act!” The line / outburst belongs to the most stonily rigid, self-destructively solitary, painfully inert heroine in world theatre: Hedda Gabler. It certainly isn’t by chance that Ibsen’s masterpiece’s should take its title from the maiden name of its protagonist. Even though she marries the immature and socially and economically inferior Jørgen Tesmann, the fallen daughter of general Gabler would never let herself become Hedda Tesmann. The past, in the form of her unfulfilled love for the inspired and self-destructive academic, Ejlert Løvborg, will not lie quiet. Repressed desires, love triangles, the endless battle of the sexes, social hypocrisy, financial exchanges and blackmail are figure in a tumultuous plot which focuses on a society in crisis—a society like ours today.

The talented Michalis Konstantatos brings considerable experience gleaned during a distinguished film career to this collaboration with the charismatic Yota Argyropoulou, who plays the titular role. Together, they rework the play into a film script and transport it into the present day. An installation delimits a non-realistic environment and boxes in the players. In the role of Løvborg, Maximos Moumouris ignites the action… the countdown has begun. Who will be the last (wo)man standing?

An original idea was tried out during rehearsals: creative audience participation. A blog serving as the characters’ diary and a specially designed educational programme were employed to initiative a public dialogue about the work which shed a new and creative light on aspects of the directorial approach.

Direction: Michalis Konstantatos
Adaptation, dramaturgy: Yota Argyropoulou and Michalis Konstantatos
Set concept: Michalis Konstantatos
Movement: Iris Karayan
Sets & Costumes: Kenny McLellan
Assistant to the Set Designer: Charalambos Ioannou
Music design: Giorgos Sakellariou
Lighting: Giannis Fotou
Chief Electrician: Kostas Patramanis
Casting: Athens Casting
Dialogues Recording: Giannis Fotiadis
Special Effects: Solon Giannoutsos – SFX TRIEDROS
Set construction: ART REBEL
Blog administration / Camera: Giorgos Mpisdikis
Production Manager: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos
Line Production: blindspot theatre group
1st Production Assistant: Irilena Tsami
2nd Production Assisant: Thanassis Kafetzis

With: Yota Argyropoulou, Vasso Kavalieratou, Maximos Moumouris, Christos Sapountzis, Yiorgos Frintzilas

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens



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